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Turn your Instagram account into an e-commerce powerhouse

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Turn your Instagram account into an e-commerce powerhouse

Article Written by : Web Geek SEO

The way Instagram works, it is a logical association to the e-commerce experience. Users subscribe to see image posts and do so based on interest in what those accounts share. This is proven by the brand-audience engagement levels of the platform, which are the highest of all social channels. In fact, Instagram has a brand-audience engagement rate twenty times that of its parent company Facebook. So, where do we start when it comes to transforming into an e-commerce channel?

Option 1 – Instagram’s interactive shopping content

There is a built-in shopping experience that is handled by Instagram itself. The program us currently in beta testing with a limited number of accounts. The program itself allows the account to tag products within each post and when a user clicks on a tag, a “Show Now” option appears.

Option 2 – Bio links

The Instagram bio link only allows one link at a time. However, there are now services which can provide customized destinations for different users with a custom bio link. The destination is a shopping page with your products with the look and feel of your website.

Option 3 – Reverse embed

Another option is to have a website that shows embeds of your products from Instagram. In fact, the entire shopping experience will look like your Instagram page but is another site altogether. This provides somewhat more compelling product discovery than a shopping website or Instagram alone.

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