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Increase sales with an abandoned-cart recovery email campaign

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Increase sales with an abandoned-cart recovery email campaign

Article written by : Top SEO Software Reviews

Even as you see a lot of traffic to your online store from ad campaigns and social media activity, a lack of sales can be indicative of another problem. One of the biggest problems for stores that drive traffic but see low sales volume is shopping cart abandonment. The e-commerce industry sees abandonment rates as high as 68%. Basically, six to seven out of every ten visitors will stop mid-order and leave the site. Depending on traffic acquisition costs, this can hurt the bottom line considerably.

A tactic that is used by high profile online shopping sites like Ralph Lauren is to run an email campaign that encourages and reminds would-be shoppers to return to the site and complete the purchase. At a basic level, this tactic works because some abandonment is due to browser crashes, interruptions, and other issues.

The layout of the mail is simple. The branding and design along with color and clean layout emphasize a distinct CTA button. There is a visual listing of the items that were in the bag at the time of the abandonment. As a further incentive to return, there is also a list of items related to the item in the bag that the shopper might find interesting.

Not all campaigns are perfect and even this strategy will not see a 100% uptake from shoppers. However, if %20 of the shoppers returned and completed the purchase, that would see total sales rise by as much as %30.

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