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Bing Shares Some Mobile Ranking Techniques

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Mir Rosenberg working for Bing in the Mobile Relevancy team has recently posted about some of the factors to consider when optimizing for Bing in terms of relevant and ranking in mobile results. The search engine still recommends making use of good responsive designs for mobile sites and they have also provided some information to rank higher in terms of mobile SEO.

Some weeks ago, Bing had announced that they would be using a new form of mobile crawler in order to help in the understanding and discovery of several types of mobile contents. Bing has also recently explained how the relevance of mobile sites is determined for certain specific queries.

Basically, to determine relevance Bing firstly identifies and groups mobile-friendly sites and web pages. Then the pages and documents contained therein are analyzed from a mobile viewpoint. This is done by considering the compatibility of the content and its readability. The mobile functionality is also taken into consideration. This aims at removing pages that are not available, the 404 pages on mobile or flash pages. Pages returning more mobile-friendly URLs to the search engines return pages would also benefit from higher relevance rank.

Bing also recommends, like most search engines, that pages contain a responsive design. In a search engine point of view this would imply that they would have to manage only one URL and one group of content. Bing is expected to improve their system of handling mobile contents on pages with adaptive design and other forms of designs.

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