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Implementing An Online Marketing Strategy

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Starting an online marketing strategy or altering your current one starts by having a good web host. A good web host would instantly add value to your marketing campaign as it increases the speed of your website and its uptime.


A successful email marketing campaign is based on the relevance of content that you direct at your users or subscribers. Another important factor in an email marketing campaign is to offer users with the ability to opt-out of a certain item. User complaints about not being able to unsubscribe might lead to a company getting blacklisted or even legal actions against it. Emails that are helpful and released with care and sparingly have proven to be successful. CTR for these campaigns are positive and email is a means to connect with each individual client.

Social Media

Social media are set to keeping on growing and evolving. One interesting thing about social media is that there are a variety of strategies that would work with it. The social media strategy of a company would primarily depend on the the industry, the target users and the kind of message that the company would want to send to the public. The platform, whether Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter would need to make sense for the products’ users and would depend on the “voice” of the company.

Other platforms such as blogging and visual marketing could also be used in companies’ marketing strategy but for starters the primary focus could be on perfecting the email and social media marketing initiatives.

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