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3 Ways to Find Potential Customers on Twitter

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If you’re looking for new customers, you can find them quite easily on Twitter. It’s much easier to do this than on any other site.

Due to public updates, third-party tools and searchable bios, you can easily find them without the need for advertising.

Here are 3 ways to find potential customers on Twitter:

1: Begin with a Strong Profile

It’s important for customers to know what you do and who you are. For this, visit your Twitter bio. Make sure you add your qualifications, products and services. Also, provide your website address and location. Finally, pin a tweet right at the top that promotes your business to potential customers. A new one or a recently used one should do.

 quick2seo2: Look For Customer Through Their Bios

Use Followerwonk, a Twitter search engine, to find customers based on keywords or location. A number of criteria can be used to find customers of your choice. Now, click through to the person’s profile to add or follow them o Twitter. You can add the person to a Twitter list too. If you haven’t created one, you can by visiting the Lists tab while setting its Privacy Settings to Private.

3: Combine Both Bio and Tweet Searches

The most powerful way to find customers is to combine searches for keywords that are in tweets along with those in Twitter bios too. This will definitely help you find the ideal customers for your business. Yes, the ones who want to make a purchase. You can Socedo for this purpose since it allows you create searches for a number of keyword phrases that are present in tweets and bios. Once you set up your prospect search using this tool, you’ll get a list of matching results that you can either choose to approve or deny. If you’re not happy with the results, the edit the criteria in the tool. The good thing is that you can use this tool for 14 days at no cost.

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