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The Problem with Email Marketing Campaigns without Permission

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Written by eTargetMedia

Are you still sending out emails without permission? At one time this was a normal email marketing tactic, but not anymore. Consumers aren’t comfortable with opening emails from people they don’t know, and it shows. So what happens to these emails? Here’s a look at why you shouldn’t send out emails without permission.

It gets marked as spam. Spam is the junk mail of email. No one likes junk mail. Junk mail wastes time and is simply annoying. If it doesn’t go directly in the spam folder, what do you do with an email from someone you don’t know? Usually mark it as spam so that it doesn’t bother you again. If you don’t want your emails to get marked as spam, ask for permission.

It gets deleted. Another thing that might happen to emails that are sent without permission is that they might get thrown in the trash. If they don’t mark it as spam, consumers might just delete an email if it’s from someone they don’t know or features content they don’t care about or didn’t want in the first place.

To avoid getting your emails marked as spam or thrown in the trash, stick to permission-based email campaigns. By far, permission-based campaigns are the best way to send emails to both potential and existing customers. A permission-based email has a better chance of being opened and read.


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