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Mobile SEO: Simple Tips and Tricks

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Mobile SEO: Simple Tips and Tricks

Only a few short years ago, SEO’s began making the bold assertion that mobile search was the future of, today, that assertion has become a reality. Mobile phone internet usage surpassed desktop in April 2015, and today, one in five online searches comes from smartphone users.

Since the growth of mobile internet usage is still nowhere near its peak potential, marketers, as well as any reputable search engine optimization firm, need to make sure they’re keeping up with the latest mobile SEO trends and tactics.

Give slow pages a speed boost

Any site page, whether on mobile or desktop, that gives slow and lazy loading times will have a direct, negative impact on several key SEO-related factors: User experience, conversion rates, bounce rates and — when it’s all said and done — poor organic rankings.

Google prefers website pages that load in less than one second, but, according to recent research from Google, the average page loading speed remains an abysmal seven seconds. Not sure how to make mobile pages load faster? Find a reputable SEO agency to give your website a push in a positive direction.

Voice search and data structure are imperative

This write-up wouldn’t be a proper mobile SEO guide without highlighting the importance of voice search. Voice search is an additive to modern SEO, and does not take away any of the importance of traditional SEO. But it is important to have an understanding of what voice search is and how effectively structuring your website’s can play a positive role.

Voice search is a rising trend. When people are driving their cars or are occupied with another physical task, they’ll turn to Siri, Amazon Echo, Cortana or even their Xbox One to retrieve the information they need. Typically, voice search comes in the form of a long question, such as “Siri, where is the closest Vietnamese restaurant near me?” Or even, “Cortana, who won the Dodgers game last night?”

As hands-free voice communication becomes a more regular part of our everyday lives, it’s important to adopt a more conversational tone within your content, stress less about keywords and pay more intention to the intended meaning behind the searcher’s query, rather than making content all about the query itself.

Mobile and desktop SEO are two separate elements of the same SEO strategy. Without utilizing one of the two, you’re inhibiting your company’s growth potential. Stretched on time? Let a search engine optimization agency with a verified track record give you a guiding hand.

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