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Increase Your Website Traffic through Email Marketing

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Increase Your Website Traffic through Email Marketing

Marketers can increase Internet traffic through email marketing. A quick and easy way to promote your company, using email as a marketing platform has paid off for some of the most prestigious businesses and can help you out as well.

Many businesses have sworn that their primary revenue source has come from email operations. And, not only will there be increases in driven traffic, but they can also encourage the viewer to take action on your site to purchase your product or service.

Craft the Perfect Email

Whilst working on a draft of your email, ensure that your full name is associated with it. A full name is less likely to be marked as spam and will pique the viewer’s curiosity.

Your subject line should be catchy without saying too much about the contents of the email. Look for a captivating headline and avoid being promotional. Promotional emails simply come across as spam-like and will be disposed of in the spam folder. Overall, keep your subject line short and sweet.

Optimize Your Email

Your email layout could be designed beautifully and personalized to your heart’s content, but your subscribers still won’t take action and make a purchase. Consider looking into the body of your emails and include interactive features such as: including links, encouraging social mentions, adding buttons, etc.

“Viva la Mobile”

Over 70 percent of online adults are sending and receiving their emails via smartphone. When you’re designing your email, be sure that it’s just as captivating on a smartphone as it is on a computer. Adjust your images correctly, edit your form size, and test it out to see how intriguing it looks.

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