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How to delight your customers

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How to delight your customers

When it comes to inbound marketing, the primary strategy is come up with high quality content that leads to visitors becoming customers. However, just because you have gained a customer does not mean that the relationship ends there. Another important part of inbound marketing is that you continue to engage and delight the customer, thereby making a long term loyal customer. This in terms makes them your biggest fans and promoters. This sort of promotion is the best kind and is generally quite hard to achieve. In order to continue to engage and delight your customers, there are tools that can be used, here are a few:


The problem with a lot of marketing is that most of it is based on theories. Especially by the team or crew that decides on the marketing strategy. Sometimes, the best way to find out what your customers want is to ask them. Surveys and feedback forms are the best way to get a sense of what your customer based needs.

Smart Calls to action

These are more than just the usual calls to action. They will present different users with different calls based on previous purchases and behaviors.

Smart text

This is a similar approach to the above except this is where content will be tailored to the user’s requirements. If it is possible even the end products can be modified or editions produced for this specific segment of the customer base.

Social monitoring

Reach out to your customers on social media when they have a complaint or suggestion about one of your products. When brand mentions are tracked, there can even be engagement when the product is being discussed in a public forum.

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