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5 simple steps to boost your blog’s SEO

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Sometimes simple steps might help you boost your SEO efforts to position your blog’s content on a higher search engine ranking. These simple steps might be worth a try.

  1. Practice good numeral pagination

Numeral pagination is different from the “older entries” archives on certain blog pages. It is important that pages be enumerated to ensure a good crawl depth and easy access to information by search engines. You might look for plugins online that would provide you with the numeral pagination feature for your blog platforms.

  1. Related posts

Add a small list of related posts plugins at the end of your blog entries to engage readers to further click on your site and to keep on browsing. This is important for bots as well. The idea is to enable access to your contents as much as possible.

  1. Previous Posts and Next Posts

Along the same line with giving readers easy access to your blog, adding the Previous Posts and Next Posts feature would engage people to keep on browsing.

  1. Categories

Do not create a lot of categories, rather focus on keeping only the essentials. Ideally, the total number of categories on your blog should range between 10 to 15. Categories would also need to be relevant to your blog’s niche. When tagging posts, it would be better to assign one category per post.

  1. Social Share Buttons

Readers might find your content interesting but without the presence of Social Share buttons, they will just leave the page after reading. Social Share buttons would engage them to easily share on social media or send your article via email.

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