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4 Roles That Every Small Business Owner Must Fill as a Search Engine Optimizer

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4 Roles That Every Small Business Owner Must Fill as a Search Engine Optimizer

Search engines are getting better at understanding human behavior and as a result, instead of tricking them into getting their attention, the focus should now be more on delivering excellent experiences.

What this results in is that a business owner as a search engine optimizer should get acquainted with playing a number of roles: the webmaster, journalist, social media manager and conversion analyst.

That said, let’s find out why this might be necessary for business owner to fill these positions as we explore each of these roles:

#1: Webmaster

Setting your website up for search engine optimization is vital to its success and which includes four aspects such as metadata such as title, description, image tags and heading, keyword density of text, mobile-friendliness and site speed. And no matter how difficult this might seem, there are a number of content management systems that allow business owners to do this easily.


#2: Journalist

Without a doubt, content marketing can do a lot for your small business. However, it goes without saying that no one can fill this job of a journalist than the business owner himself. Instead of merely promoting your product, the objective of this role (as a journalist) should be to offer solutions to problems, engage customers or even come back for more. Your ability to be a reporter as well as the information source can benefit your business greatly.

#3: Social Media Manager

A study from SocialMetrics indicate that a business’ social media activity can affect their search engine optimization rankings. Of course, this isn’t a given but requires much investment as well as focus on a number of channels as well as tactics. Of course, the reason for this is because social media is a component of SEO and the former’s performance is linked to the latter.

#4: Conversion Analyst

As a business owner, your objective should be to build more profitability and this involves analysing traffic to your website. You can ask a number of question while looking at Google analytics to answers these questions too. Some of them are: Which pages do they access the most on your site? How many pages do they visit? How long do they stay on the site?

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