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3 Ways to Increase the Email ‘Open Rate’

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According to a report by the Radical Group, almost 125 business emails sent on an average every day. Of course, this doesn’t include spam emails which easily double that number.

Given so many emails received by consumers on a daily basis, we based most of our decisions to read, delete and even ignore based on what we read in the ‘From’ line.

Based on this finding, here are 3 ways to increase the email ‘open rate’:

1: Pick an Identity that Best Suits You

While a number of brands might send you emails that interest you, that personal connection matters so much more. In other words, if an employee of a brand sent you an email, it is more likely that you would open that email as opposed to one from an impersonal address of a brand.

quick2seoOf course, there is no right answer as to what identity you should pick when sending emails. Yet make sure that it does not come across as cold and distant.

2: Use a Company Email Address

It is vital that you use a company name to the right of the ‘@’ sign of an email address. If it is a gmail or a yahoo address, it will not feel as professional or legitimate. In fact, when someone who doesn’t know you will receive an email, they will not find the email address trustworthy.

3: Steer Clear of Info@ or Sales@ From Lines

Just as it is important to have a company domain address to the right, it is just as necessary to have a name to the left. In fact, using info or sales to the left of the ‘@’ symbol will be deemed as just another impersonal email. It also indicates that you have no personal connection with the receiver either.

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