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Two daily growth tactics that every business should do

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Two daily growth tactics that every business should do

Article Written by : Social Media Power

There are hundreds of growth tactics, used by businesses every day. The problem is that most of without trying out any of them, there is no way of knowing if it will work. It is possible that none of those “guaranteed” growth tactics will work for you. However, a few tactics work repeatedly that many new businesses ignore. These are two of the easiest to implement:

Automated drip emails

Everyone who signs up for a new service knows the introductory email. Then the follow-up mail and so on. This is an automated email drip. Thousands of users will get the same mail, asking the same questions as they sign up. With just a few days of work, you can reap the benefits for years. A good onboarding process provides feedback to the company as well encourages the user to buy into the brand. The best part is that once setup, it will only require minor modifications over the long-term.

Customer exit survey

One guarantee is that customers will leave. Businesses of all sizes deal with customer churn. The larger the company, the more customers leave (assuming the churn rate stays the same). What most companies don’t do is take advantage and learn from the churn. It is important to find out why the customer is leaving. All you need to do is ask. The customer could be leaving due to a missing feature, bugs, stability, etc. all of which are potential future updates to the application or service.

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