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Three areas that deliver results in e-commerce SEO

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When it comes to optimizing an e-commerce site, the larger the site in terms of products, the harder it gets to implement most of the basic SEO tactics. Here are some tips for large e-commerce sites that do not have the time of the bandwidth to work on to optimizing at the page level.

Crawl health

The most important consideration is how well your site performs in indexation. No other SEO tactics will matter if the search engine crawler cannot find your page. The single easiest method to find out the scale of the problem is to look at the 5xx errors in the Google Search Console. Then, check the XML sitemap and make sure that it is recent and accurate. There are times when there are lots of 404 errors because the crawlers is using an outdate sitemap.


There is a lot of value in internal links. The biggest source of internal links for an e-commerce site is the main navigation. The only way for a search engine crawler to find your inner pages, is through the navigation pages. Improve your navigation by adding secondary and tertiary navigation options in the main menu.

On page text

In the recent past webmasters created category pages without any content, with the assumption that it merely servers as a list of links to crawl product pages. Now crawlers look for text even for category pages, using the text to provide context to the products in the listing and the category page itself.

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