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Steps to succeed with low volume AdWords accounts

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Steps to succeed with low volume AdWords accounts

When you have hundreds of thousands of conversions, it is very easy to plan out and make adjustments to improve sales. However, what happens when you have a small account with very few conversions? Optimization is much harder. There are so few conversions that even A/B testing, growth, and performance monitoring become harder. Here are five steps to dealing with low-conversion accounts:

Define goals

Since there are not enough conversions to measure the impact of changes, look for metrics that have enough volume that has a bearing on the conversion rate. For example, the bounce rate. Fixing a high bounce rate on one of the gateway pages is one method of improving one metric to improve another. These are the sort of metrics that will result in an increase in conversions.


Another issue is that the conversions might appear on another channel. A visitor might go through most of the process for purchase but then elects to buy the item at the physical store. Find ways like discount codes that you can track the origin of the sale. Other options include telephone sales, analytics goals, etc.


An overlooked source of optimization for sales on low-conversion accounts are the analytics data from sources like Google Analytics. Create your custom reports and use that data to inform your buy and bid decisions. For example, if the most sales are during the weekend at night, use that information to adjust your bid during that period and see if that results in a sales increase.

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