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Importance of mobile apps and sites in online marketing

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According to this study by Nielsen, compared to the first quarter of 2013, there has been an increase in the number of hours spent on a mobile device by an average American during the same period in 2014. Indeed, an average American has spent about 7 hours more time per month using apps or browsing from their smartphones. The use of mobile devices is gaining more importance and for marketers this implies new needs for mobile ads.

Facebook has recently announced its newly re-engineered digital marketing platform, Atlas. Apart from being innovative in providing information on desktop users to marketers, this tool will crucially be optimized for mobile devices. This will render advertising on mobile devices more effective.

In response to the growing need in terms of ads on mobile devices, Kenshoo, the leader in cloud-based digital marketing solutions, has recently acquired Adquant. The latter is one of the leading Saas in social media campaigns for several mobile apps and games. Adquant is experienced in providing advanced solutions for mobile apps and has a good grip in the gaming industry. It is expected that in the coming months, Kenshoo and Adquant will merge their strengths and expertise and provide client with a holistic digital marketing product.

Moreover, the increase in the use of mobile devices will trigger an increase in mobile payments and mobile e-commerce. Companies such as Twitter are already responding to this trend by implementing direct e-commerce features from their mobile apps.

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