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Google My Business FAQ

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Google My Business FAQ

Although the Google My Business offering is fairly simple, there are still nuances that the official documents do not address. Using Google My Business for your company should be one of the first actions you take. It is the easiest and fastest way to get your business in the search results for your locale. Here are some of the most common questions you see on GMB:

When claiming a listing for a client, should I create a separate address?

Whenever possible use the official email address and phones numbers of the client when claiming the business. Ask the client to make you a manager of the page. Before you do anything, make sure you get permission from the business owners to claim the business on their behalf.

How do we update a menu for a restaurant if the online version is not up to date?

When there is an outdated menu on a Google My Business listing, it is likely that the menu data comes from the menu site When you want to put your menu, contact Single Platform and ask them to remove the menu. Then, contact Google My Business support and they will remove it from your listing.

There are fake (negative) reviews of the business. How can I get them removed?

Removing reviews from Google My Business is very difficult. Customers are allowed to post negative reviews, and the only way you can get it removed is if the reviews violate the review policies set by Google.

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