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Different website monetization strategies

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quick2seoThere are a lot of dormant blogs and websites online. Often a Google search for an obscure term will lead you to site that hasn’t been updated in a long time. This is usually due to lack of earning from the website. The most common occurrence is someone starts a site. They then get a decent amount of traffic. This leads to higher costs (hosting, bandwidth etc). But then when they try to monetize that traffic, they find that the earnings are not in line with expectations and the site gets abandoned. There are many ways to monetize a site and each needs to be tested, sometimes in conjunction with others in order to maximize revenue. Here are a few good ways to monetize:

Email list

The first and most important step is to build an email list. This list can be monetized in many ways. In addition you can keep monetizing the list over and over again. A simple example is to sell your own products or market others.

Online course

This is another good way to monetize your website traffic. The primary benefit of this is that once the course has been created, your marginal costs are essentially zero. Each and every new person that pays for the course is all profit.


The problem with ads is that they are dependant on two factors. The amount of traffic you have and the type of traffic. You need a lot of visitors to make the average click through rates viable. Unfortunately, more traffic also does not mean better. An audience that is interested in free items is unlikely to click through to an ad that is trying to sell something.


If you manage to position yourself or your brand as an expert in the field, then another option is to sell online consultations. The drawback of this method is that it is limited by the amount of time you can allocate. After a certain point you will not be able to take on more clients, thus limiting your earnings potential.

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