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Outdated SEO best practices that still work

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Outdated SEO best practices that still work

There is a lot of information out there on SEO practices to follow. One of the most specific are from Google itself. However, there are situations where you should ignore Googles directives and continue with those best practices. Here are a few those:

Image Alt Text

Google is increasingly using machine learning to identify the content of images when crawling pages. The recognition is still not as good as it could be but represents a big shift from the days when images without alt text was impossible to crawl. However, regardless of this advance in image scanning, there are still many images that machine learning cannot identify or will categorize incorrectly. Avoid all these issues by continuing to add alt texts to your images.

Content Length

Google categorically states that longer content has no advantage over short-form content. However, you should not take that statement at face value. Longer content tends to be more comprehensive and useful to the visitor, which in turn means more recommendations and links. According to some studies, longer content gets 77% more links then short-form content.


Another factor that you should ignore, according to Google, is to adopt AMP content, when your content does not warrant the format. According to most tests and sources, AMP still does not provide a ranking boost. However, with the rollout of the mobile-first index, and the staggering amount of traffic on mobile, AMP is a definite necessity for any site now.

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