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How the right web hosting can improve your SEO

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How the right web hosting can improve your SEO

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SEO is a complex process that involves many different factors affecting your site’s ranking. Staying competitive in the SEO field is about optimizing for as many of these as possible to gain that extra edge over your competitors. From mobile optimization to fixing broken links, every little advantage helps your site to rise to the top of the search engine rankings. One of the factors that can make a significant impact on your rankings is your site speed.

Google knows that users tend to click away from sites when they take too long to load, so the faster your website takes to load, the higher the rank your site will get from Google’s ranking algorithm. In light of this, you should do everything you can to make sure your page loads at lightning speed.

One of the things that affect your site’s loading speed is your server response time. If your site receives high amounts of traffic and your web hosting service can only handle low amounts of activity, your server response time will be much slower. On a shared web hosting server, you must share space and resources with other clients, which means your web host may not have the ability to quickly process a large number of requests from web users clicking on your site. In contrast, page loading times are notably faster on dedicated hosting servers or VPS servers, since space and resources are allotted specifically to your website.

If you are based in Los Angeles and you need some dedicated servers to increase your website’s response time, be sure to visit Rack Alley’s LA data center for all of your web hosting needs.


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